Monday, July 11, 2011

10's Of Me!

Mrs. Owens at "Go Fourth With Mrs. Owens" is having a "Top 10 Things To Know About Me" linky party!! Visit and link up {HERE}

Here are 10 things to know about me:
1. I am first and foremost a Christian. Ask me about it :)

2. I am in love with the most amazing guy. He is a keeper! He made it possible for me to follow my dreams of becoming a teacher. I am so lucky!

Matt and I

3. I graduated from USF in 2011, but am a DIE HARD Gator fan!

4. In 2007 my aunt adopted the cutest/sweetest/most amazing kid in the world from foster care. He is my obsession! 
Here he is on his adoption day!

Here is is now!
5. I am expecting my first child in a few weeks. Matt and I are so excited for Rylan Walker to join our family!
6. I am obsessed with Pinterest. Follow my boards {HERE}.
7. I am a terrible procrastinator. 
8. I love crafting, but have a hard time finishing my projects. (As evidenced by my messy craft room).
9. Caffeine Free Diet Coke keeps me going.
10. I {LOVE} Fancy Nancy! I frequently break out my tutu for special occasions.


  1. I glad I found your blog. I love finding other third grade blogs! I am now a follower!


  2. Adrienne- I now follow your blog :) I love finding other 3rd grade blogs as well!