Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"Fishin' for Addition"

One of my favorite ways to reinforce a concept is through games. I feel kind of sneaky when I use a game...my students are so focused on having fun that they don't realize they are learning! {hehe}

I love sharing almost as much as I love creating! {HERE} is a link to one of my most favorite games I have created! It really is not complicated, and it is a {snap!} to set up! You can use these cards for so many different concepts. The matching sheet included is for addition. I would have students find matches that added to a specific number. It was played like "Go Fish," but instead of asking for a duplicate number, they needed the other addend to reach the specific sum.  The title of my game was "Fishin for Addition." Enjoy! I look forward to getting to create other games to share :)

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