Friday, July 15, 2011

OH How I {Love} Target (& Office Depot)

Check out Ladybug's Teacher Files hilarious and {true} blog post about shopping for your classroom! I have totally done everything she admitted to! Her post is also a linky party to show off your recent classroom finds! As a new teacher and coupon-er, there are few things I love more than shopping for my classroom while saving money! Here are some of my recent deals:

Target- If I were to marry a store, it would be Target. No other store makes me as happy! Even though the nearest store is 45 minutes away, I still manage to go several times a month! I recently saw a post where someone found pocket charts in the Dollar Spot! I knew I MUST find some! (In my school we have to display 3 weeks of vocabulary at one time, FCAT {insert blehhh here} words, and each week's spelling words). My darling Matthew happens to work semi-near a Target and offered to stop and pick up some for me! After going wayy out of his way to go to not one, but TWO stores, he only found one :( Luckily for me my shop-a-holic grandmother and aunt (who happens to be an amazing teacher) decided to take a random Wednesday night trip to Target (this one was an hour away). I went for pocket charts, and left with so many great finds!! Here is a summary...

1. I will use this bucket as my "turn it in" tray.
2. This book is filled with quick and easy science experiments! As a person who wholeheartedly believes in learning through exploration, I can't wait to use these!
3. This dry erase time mat will be used as part of my "When I'm Done" materials. Each week I will have various activities that go along with our focus of the week for those students who finish early.
4. Probably my favorite find!! These dry erase sentence strips are PERFECT for class games or whole group lessons. Dry erase boards are SO expensive. These strips allow enough room for students to write AND cost $0.25 a piece!
5. I love these little erasers for the dry erase boards.
6. TA-DA! My pocket charts!!
7. Table top pocket charts with dry erase board! (even at $2.50 they are a find!)

Again, my {obsession} with Target is well founded!

I also feel like I need to mention the awesome deal I got at Office Depot this past Sunday. There are no pictures, as I have already stashed the stuff in my classroom. (One of the benefits to living/teaching in a tiny town...I have a gate/building key and can get in anytime I want!)
Office Depot has an amazing reward system for teachers called "Star Teachers." Not only do you get a percentage back in office supplies and 15% off of copying and laminating, they also have special deals on a regular basis. This week they are running a special where you get 100% {yes, as in ALL} back on several items. I purchased 2 12pks of Mr. Sketch (those delicious smelly markers I seem to have an unnatural affection for), a NICE stapler, and a 100 pk of file folders...all of which I will get back in the form of an Office Depot gift card! Yay!

In a side note...I began having cramps yesterday at 10:30, after 12 hours I began to get worried. We decided to drive the 30 minutes to the hospital I will be delivering at to be on the safe side. 1 hour of monitoring later, I was sent home. Apparently I am having contractions, but they are not strong enough to do anything :( Looks like I will be having an induction! My womb is too hospitable!

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