Monday, July 18, 2011

{Yay} for Freebies!! (and a little of my opinion...)

I have yet to blog about my "New Hobby" as indicated in my blog title! I got into couponing back in March. Since then I have experienced highs and lows like no ones business; I wrestle with the amount of time it sometime takes to prepare and shop and wonder if what I am doing is even worth it. Finally, I seem to have it together. I have seriously stripped down the time it takes me to prepare, as well as my expectations of what it truly means to coupon.

Like many, I got interested in couponing thanks to TLC's show. Many regular couponers seem to think this show is the bane of their existence, I now see why. The purpose of couponing should NOT be to get everything you don't need for free, rather it should be consistent savings each week. "Shelf Clearers," those who show up when the sale starts and take the store's entire stock, are quite annoying. There is really nothing more frustrating than spending time planning your trips just to find that there is nothing in stock! The people on TLC usually take more than they need (remember the episode where the woman had a massive amount of diapers, and no baby?? What about the one with all the cat food, and no cats??) Yes, some of them donate, but I still have a problem when they take everything in the store and leave nothing for the rest of us. I must admit Matt and I do have a small stockpile of hygiene items and diapers, which will come in handy when I have very little time to shop with a baby in tow. But this stockpile has grown slowly and steadily, and I NEVER take more than my share at CVS or Walgreens.

Now off of my soap box...
Some of the greatest deals I have scored have not come from coupons at all! In fact, they have come from Facebook! Simply by "liking" a company you can get lots of amazing deals and freebies! For instance, ETA Cuisenaire hosted what I thought would be a random drawing to receive 10 sets of their fabulous VersaTiles. All you had to do was comment on how you would use them! Imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning to their most recent status: I

"After a random drawing (using of all who participated in the 10 Pack of Versatile Answer Cases, the Contest Winner is..... Kim Ryan Walter. Well, for the big set anyway. The remainder of you will get a 10 pack of the Versatile Minis (a smaller version). EVERYONE IS A WINNER! A HUGE THANK YOU to all who contributed."

I had to read it twice...YES! I too would be getting 10 FREE sets of Versatile Minis!! YAY!! I am so excited!

Other great deals I have scored on FB are: $5 off Bounty (which has the potential to make it free), 2 (10) packs of Tide Stain Release, a NettiPot (for my darling Matt's sinus issues), and several coupons to restaurants. In my experience, FBing is a great way to get some deals!!


  1. I am excited about the mini versatiles too! Can't wait to use this with my kiddos this year.

  2. You have got me hooked! Thank you for sharing your ideas and secrets!