Friday, November 11, 2011

I know...I know... it has been 3 months since I have blogged. It's not my fault...honestly! What person in their right mind thinks they could keep up with a blog, an adorable baby (see below), a crazy bunch of kiddos (and ALL the paperwork that comes with them), and a couponing obsession?? I can't promise that I will get better, but I can promise that I will keep stalking!!

Here is a recap of the past 3 months...

Rylan- He is the most amazing thing to ever happen to me!! I L.O.V.E being his mom! God has blessed Matt and I more than we could ever deserve! He is sleeping through the night...up to 10 hours at times!! He is teething (ugh), and almost sitting up by himself (yay!). It is amazing to me how his personality is getting stronger and more apparent each day. He is genuinely a happy baby, and usually only cries for food or sleep.

Pumpkin Eater!

Classroom- I still love my job! Despite the overwhelming amount of paperwork (they did NOT tell us this in college....hmmm that is a possible future post title), seeing my kiddos make gains in academics as well as self confidence makes everything worth it!

Couponing- Diapers are expensive!!!! Who knew a baby would use so many of them? I am so thankful for CVS. In our last shopping trip we got 6...yes 6, jumbo packs of Pampers for $4!!! How? Coupons, CVS loyalty, and sale shopping! CVS is my favorite place to coupon!

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